A Little Philosophy

AKWD preschool utilizes five foundational points to create our educational programs: 

· Omnipresent Theme Curriculum  · All Arts Incorporation  · Activity-based Learning  · Community Involvement  · Global Consciousness  

What distinguishes  AKWD is THE HEART of our method.  In bringing heart we find that “early-childhood education” also serves us well as a verb, remembering to educate about early-childhood, to teach, or bring to light, being very young.  It is essential to remember during these most important formative years that the WHAT of information is tertiary to the HOW & WHY.

WHAT   we teach must always be the matrix through which we are guiding our students to the truly important lessons of childhood;  patience, perseverance, acceptance, and grace.

HOW   we teach is the example by which students learn the lessons we truly hope to convey:  Education is fun.  Knowing is helpful and empowering.  Respect, courtesy, sharing, humor, patience and curiosity are magnificent attributes.  We show this by recalling that each of us is capable of full understanding in our own way.  This does not define a limitation but clears a passage to further understanding.

WHY   we teach is the most important of all.  Motivation for teaching is key.  Children are instinctual judges of character and are keenly aware of insincerity.  It is essential that we enter into any project with them for the right reasons.  All reasons for teaching are not equal, but the best reason is out of love.  When we teach out of love; for our students, our selves, our very existence then we succeed in both education and nurturing our students.

At the heart of  AKWD is the coming together of individuals to a unique process for specific and important reasons, the health and well being of our children - and by extension our own future.  It is a secular act of faith, some expression of love.

A Little History

 A little History. The name AKWD comes from the phrase "any kid will do."  The phrase "any kid will do" was originally written by artist and founding director, George E. Barrick as a humorous and heartfelt addition to a hand drawn nondiscrimination policy sign he was asked to make at his first job as a preschool teacher 20 years earlier.  Over the years, the possible interpretations of the phrase, any kid is capable & any kid will participate, eventually permeated all aspects of his methods as an educator and director. In January of 2004, AKWD became a 501(C)3 nonprofit born of Barrick's overwhelming desire as a preschool educator to finally "get this right." Today AKWD is an innovative educational model. George Barrick passed away in  2008 but his project is carried on as a labor of love by  original collaborators and some new friends as well.

 The intention of AKWD is to assist young humans in appreciating their own ability in a respectful loving environment. By acknowledging the multiple intelligences and diverse strengths of each child our  faculty of teachers and specialists introduce students to the value of questioning and exploring their immediate and expanding environments.

A Little More Information

AKWD  Preschool is open Monday to Friday, 8AM to 6PM and accepts students  between the ages of 2 and 5. We offer  flexible schedule options  including 3, 4, and 5 day weeks and the choice of 6, 8 or 10 hour days.  

  2019-20 year cost guidelines.  

  3, 6 hour days @ $168.98 per week, $690 per month, totaling $8,280 per year

3, 8 hour days @ $195.90 per week, $800 per month, totaling $9,600 per year

3,10 hour days @ $222.85 per week, $910 per month, totaling $10,920 per year

4, 6 hour days @ $195.90 per week, $800 per month, totaling $9,600 per year

4, 8 hour days @ $225.30 per week, $920 per month, totaling $11,040 per year

4,10 hour days @$252.25 per week, $1030 per month, totaling $12,360 per year

5, 6 hour days @ $220.48 per week, $900 per month, totaling $10,804 per year

5, 8 hour days @ $252.25 per week, $1030 per month, totaling $12,360 per year

5,10 hour days @ $277.95 per week, $1135 per month, totaling $13,620 per year

  Subsidized Care

In  Philadelphia.  Subsidized child  care is available for working families  through the ELRC: Early Learning Resource Center  (formerly called CCIS :Child Care Information Service.)    Working parents may be eligible for  assistance  with child care expenses if they meet the income guidelines.  Log on  to  http://www.philadelphiachildcare.org/  for more information or call their hotline at 1-888-461-KIDS (5437) to find out  if you are eligible!

At AKWD Preschool, admissions, the provision of services and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin ( including limited English proficiency), age, or sex.